The What

The Inner Guardians is a private group dedicated to the raising of awareness, concentration, embodiment,  focus and elevated consciousness leading towards a healthier and more productive life on all levels. The Inner Guardians holds sacred spaces with online and physical group gatherings. 

The methods used in the Inner Guardians are based on ageless esoteric principles fused with modern day techniques from NLP, mindfulness, meditation and psycho-physical exercises. The aim is to improve self-awareness, mindset, will power, extra senses, nervous system, health, physical movement into action and self mastery as you are taught the first principles of flow and altered states. 

The Inner Guardians principles can be used with day-to-day interactions right through to high performance tasks and much more.

The Inner Guardians system is based on techniques that are perfectly designed to be profound and yet very practical and welcomes anyone from all walks of life.